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Preformed Splints

Pre-fabricated splints are finished orthopedic devices that are ready for immediate application. These splints can be used in a cost- and time-efficient manner without specialized equipment or skilled personnel, where appropriate. The splints are constructed of low-temperature thermoplastic material coated on one side with a soft light weight polymer of proprietary composition. A variety of shapes, styles and sizes are available providing for superior handling, conformability, padding and ease of application. Splint fixation is achieved by a cotton knitted loop latex-free material to reduce the possibility of skin irritation.

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Preformed Splints Product specification


Thickness Dimensions

Available Perforations

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Available Colors

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Preformed Splints Moldability Characteristics

Preformed Splints Processing Methods

Preformed Splints Images & Videos


Preformed Splints Instructions & Downloads

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