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Opaque-when-heated material that was engineered to provide superior draping qualities! BEACHCAST is a rigid and light-weight thermoplastic that does not shrink. BEACHCAST has all necessary features to achieve excellent molding results. Due to enhanced drape it follows the exact contours of the treated surface. After processing, BEACHCAST transforms into a hard splint that does not need reinforcing. Controlled elasticity of the final device can withstand repetitive stress and resists fatigue. Repetitive remolding is possible without thinning for economical splinting due to 100 % memory in the material. Surface stickiness of BEACHCAST allows the material to cling onto the patient's skin for vertical molding. A wet bond will hold firm, but can be pulled apart when the material is cooled down.  For permanent bonding no solvents are necessary. 

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Beachcast Product specification


Thickness Dimensions
0,8 mm 60 x 41 cm
1,6 mm 60 x 43 cm
2,0 mm 60 x 44 cm
3,2 mm 60 x 45 cm
90 x 60 cm
4,0 mm 60 x 45 cm
90 x 60 cm

Available Perforations

There are 6 different perforations available.

Non perfo
Perfo A
Thickness Non perfo Mini Opti Perfo A Micro Multi
0,8 mm
1,6 mm
2,0 mm
3,2 mm
4,0 mm

Available Colors

There are 2 different colors available.

Thickness Peach White
0,8 mm
1,6 mm
2,0 mm
3,2 mm
4,0 mm

Beachcast Moldability Characteristics

Transparency Opaque
Memory Very good
Drape Very good
Stretch Very good
Ease of finishing Good
Bounding Mediocre

Beachcast Processing Methods

Beachcast Images & Videos


Beachcast Instructions & Downloads

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