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T-Tape Company - Truly European quality and innovation

T-Tape Company is a developer and manufacturer of a full range of low-temperature thermoplastics for medical and veterinary applications. On the world health care market for nearly 30 years, we supply our products to over 70 countries. As one of the pioneers in the chemistry and product design for low-temperature thermoplastics, we continue to be the leader in innovative solutions for patient immobilization and positioning in nuclear medicine, orthopedics, and post-traumatic rehabilitation.
Located in South-Eastern Holland (Putte, the Netherlands), our company has developed an extensive global network of distributors, clinical collaborators, and patient advocacy groups. By interacting closely with diverse stakeholders including health care practitioners, hospital managers and purchasing officials, and patients, we maintain an edge over the competition to assure that our products meet the needs of the changing health care industry in terms of treatment outcomes, cost and patient satisfaction. As a holder of more than 10 world patents of our product design and chemical composition, we assure our clients of the highest level of price-quality in a highly competitive marketplace. Our products are being used worldwide in nuclear medicine centers, in orthopedic and rehabilitation practices, by occupational and physical therapists, in sports medicine, aesthetics and veterinary medicine.
A unique distinguishing feature of our business is cooperative research and development with prospective clients and practitioners. We pride ourselves not only on our own innovative line of products, but also on the partnerships we have developed with a number of clients to enable cooperative design and manufacturing.

We welcome ideas and are happy to maximize the value for our current and prospective partners.

T-Tape Company is eligible to carry the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications, as well as the CE mark.

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T-Tape Company B.V.

‘Truly European quality and innovation’
Low-temperature thermoplastics for medical and
veterinary applications


Bosweg 12
4645 RB Putte
The Netherlands


Tel: +31 164 60 29 52
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E-mail: info@turbocast.eu

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